Release notes for each version of Kendo Manager project management software.

Kendo dashboard

What’s new in Kendo Manager 3.6?

Today, we launch  new Kendo Manager 3.6 Project Management software. Kendo Manager  is  the Self-hosted project management software.   Today’s , we’re adding new powerful features. What’s New? The new Kendo Manager 3.6 takes…

New Kendo Manager 3.5 available for download

We released a new version . In the new version we add Spanish language, and we add a Guest account option as a new type of user. When you create a Guest user, he automatically gets an external team member role and guest only sees projects…
kendo manager 3

What’s new in Kendo Manager 3.0?

Today, we launch  new Kendo Manager 3.0 Project Server. Kendo Manager 3 is  the Enterprise software for planning projects, and with today’s new version, we’re adding powerful new features—transforming our Enterprise software into…
knedo manager project server

New Kendo Manager 2.3.1 available for download

What's new in the new version of Kendo Manager? 1. We've done a complete HTML5-based redesign application. 2. We added new languages. 3. Kendo Manager supports: English, Australian English, German, Serbian Latin, Croatian and Bosnian language. 4. We've added new options to the time form and time report. 5. We added new options to cost overview reports.