Online Gantt chart Kendo Manager software for project management

Kendo Manager  is online Gantt chart software for project management. With Kendo Manager Gantt chart software you can easily create Gantt charts and share them with team members for better project planning. Kendo Manager is flexible project management software solutions. Our users also can choose between classic mode and Gantt chart work. Kendo Manager project management software supports both modes. Our users can easily change the mode depending on their needs. You can set team members roles, assign tasks to team members, track project progress, add files and documents, and also commenton project activities. One of the very flexible features that our users find very usefull is that you can always share Gantt charts with your colleagues and clients, giving them the right to view and/or to edit project activities.

What Is a Kendo Manager Gantt Chart Software?

Kendo Manager Gantt Chart software is a timeline view options that gives you ability to have a simple overview of the project activities. You can easily visualize your project tasks and see how they relate to each other as project progress over time. Use Kendo Manager Gantt chart to simplify your tasks and details with a visual project timeline, task names, start dates, durations, project progress and end dates into horizontal bar charts. With a Kendo Manager Gantt chart software you can plan out all of your tasks, You can use a Gantt to planning out the minimum delivery time for your project and to schedule the right people when they’re available to get your project finished efficiently.

Kendo Gantt chart software

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Gantt chart Task options

Free Online Gantt Chart software

Finding a free online gantt chart software with full project options can be a tough challenge. What software suits you best, depends on what your team and project need. If you need something free, flexible and simple, Kendo Manager Gantt Chart software is the perfect choice for you. Kendo Manager free gantt chart version is limited to one active project and two active users and Administrator account. If you are NGO, small team or startup Kendo Manager free gantt chart is perfect solutions for you. If you a larger team and working with several projects, that is also not a problem. Simply buy the Kendo Manager unlimited version and replace the registration code.

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Features of Kendo Manager Gantt Chart Software

We will give a short overview of many features that Kedno Manager Gantt Chart offers.

Manage teams and track project progress with Gantt charts

Our project planning software has basic Gantt charts features as well as features of the team management software. If you wish to create a workspace for your team or yourself, you can set roles, assign tasks to team members, track project progress, add files and documents to project and also add comments to project activities. Also, you can always share Gantt charts with your colleagues and clients, giving the right to view and/or to edit project activities.

Project team

Manage resources and estimate project costs

Successful project manager must effectively manage with assigned project resources. You can add and manage resources to your Gantt charts and assign each work task to them. Set the cost per hour for a resource and the time a resource spent working on a task. Kendo Manager gives you the opportunity to monitor the project costs at any time.

Kendo Gantt chart resource options

Project time management

Time Management is the ability to organize and plan the time spent on activities in a day. Plan your projects and projects activities with working hours and days! You can calculate the duration of your Gantt chart projects using Time management options. The result of good time organization on the project is greater efficiency and productivity on the project

Real time notifications

Collaborate with your proejct team members and catch up with new comments. You can send a notification of your new comment to your team members. Anyone with access to a task or project will see its comments. Project successfulness and efficiently managing projects greatly depend on good and timely communication.

Gantt chart milestones in Kendo Manager

Project milestone is an important event in project which marks the completion of certain part of the project or certain significant phases of work on the project. When you use a milestone in the Gantt chart, your team can always visualize important dates.

Gantt milestone options

Comments and attachments

Leave comments for your team members on tasks in side Kendo Manager with use of Gantt chart software. Easily attach files and documents and share them with team members and clients.

Kendo manager gantt comments options

Document and files

Option documents provides the uploading and storing of documents and files  concerning the tasks and their sharing  among team members.

Kendo Gantt  task documents

Export Gantt chart to PDF in Kendo Manager

Create and share your Gantt diagram! Provide your clients with activity duration estimates or show a project’s progress. Visualize your project plans and make them work for you!

Gantt pdf options

Easily export Gantt charts to PDF.

Kendo Gantt export

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