LFA-Logical framework approach represents analytical process and toolkit that is used as the support to the project planning process and managing project pursuant to defined  goals .

Logical framework is developed in 1969 for the purposes of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Within the period 1970-1971, this tool is applied in more than 30 countries. Logical framework found wide application in international donor organisations such as AECID, GIZ, SIDA,NORAD, DFID, UNDP, EK and Inter-American Development Bank.

Logical framework (LFA) is analytical and tool for managing currently being in use (in one form or another) at most of multilateral and bilateral agencies, international non-government organisations and at many partner governments for managing development projects.

Project Cycle Management (PCM) uses logical framework of the project.Project Cycle Management (PCM) is a unique methodology for project planning and implementing of EU funded projects.

Project Cycle Management (PCM) is a unique methodology to plan and implement EU projects and IPA projects are financed from various EU funds.

Local governments increasingly apply to EU projects and IPA projects and thus provide funds for the development of their local community. Realization of EU projects and IPA project requires good organization and communication on projects. Kendo Manager, Project Management Software contributes to better organization and communication in your EU and IPA projects.