Dojo – A Multiple Project Dashboard

Multiple project dashboard for large scale projects that are active at the same time can be of a big help to project managers that need to handle multiple projects.

With Kendo Manager Dojo is a dashboard option where you can easily manage multiple projects at the same time. Simple yet powerful dashboard displays all active projects and all active processes across all projects (project tasks, project issues, project change, risks involved in active project, project milestones, costs of projects and time spent on project). Dojo dashboard is simple and practical method to monitor all active projects and activities projects in real-time. This means that all lists in Dojo dashboard are automatically updated with effective changes that happen across projects.

When a project is deleted or archived the options related to that project are not displayed any more on the Dojo dashboard. This also can be applied to the process of the project. If a process is deleted or archived, it does not appear on the Dojo list.

Dojo dashboard offers specific overview of all project activities grouped in boxes. Each box consists of next preferences:

  1. List Today – shows all the tasks expiring today
  2. List Upcoming Shows all the activities that come within 7 days or less
  3. List Late – shows all the active  tasks  with expired date
  4. List Finished – list of all the finished active tasks

Other lists like All Tasks, All Risks, All Issues, All Changes and All Milestones show all active processes across all projects. What is important to mention is that in large scale projects these lists can be quite large. Kendo Manager Dojo dashboard offers the ability of sorting of content, and of course the search function as well.

Kendo Manager Dojo dashboard will come handy to all project managers who have more than one project active at the time, no matter if they work with gantt chart or task list.

Multiple Project Dashboard Dojo

Kendo Manager Multiple Project Dashboard