Multiple Project Dashboard

With Kendo Manager Dojo option you can easily manage multiple projects at the same time. Simple dashboard displays all active projects and all active processes (Tasks, Issues, Change, Risks, Milestones, Costs, Time).

The lists are automatically updated. When a project is deleted or archived the options related to it are not displayed on the Dojo dashboard. Also, if the process is deleted or archived, it does not appear on the dojo list.

Simple and practical method to monitor all active projects and activities projects in real-time.

Each Box consisits of:

  1. List Today-shows all the tasks expiring today
  2. List UpcomingShows all the activities that come within 7 days or less
  3. List Late-shows all the active  tasks  with expired date
  4. List Finished -list of all the finished active tasks

Lists All Tasks, All Risks, All Issues, All Changes and All Milestones show all the all acitive projects processes.
The content of these lists can be sorted and searched

Try Live demo : link

Multiple Project Dashboard

Kendo Multiple Project Dashboard