Project comprises the series of tasks that lead to defined goals and results achieved in specific time frame.

Managing the tasks at project

Tasks have to be realized with particular order using the certain resources (people, machines, materials, costs) to realize the project in a due time frame and within the planned costs.

Kendo Manager provides the possibility of recording the project tasks, the monitoring of tasks, assigning team members, defining of resources, upload documents on activity, comments. All the tasks at project are visually shown in project calendar.

Project tasks- Basic data

Basic data on project tasks define the starting and finishing date, priority, progress, duration, time, value and description..

Team members at tasks

Team members is the option that enables us to assign the project activities and tasks to project team members responsible for their realization.

Project resources

Succesful project manager must effectively manage with assigned project resources.
Project management terminology explained the resources as necessary for implementing project tasks and project activities. Resources can be people, equipment, facilities, funds or anything else required for realization of project tasks.

Project resources define material and human resources involved in realization of project tasks.

Kendo Manager, software for managing projects give us the possibility to manage both human and material resources at the project.


Comments provide team members internal communication related to task progress.

Documents on project activities

Option documents provides the uploading and storaging of data concerning the tasks and their distribution among team members.

Reorder of the subtasks in project

Reorder of the subtasks allow us the reordering of project subactivities.