Kendo Manager – Enterprise level Project Management Software

Kendo Manager is enterprise level software for managing projects. It is a complete solution that offers the possibility for managing project activities, project task management, project costs management, project resources management, human resources management, change management, time management, and risk management. Issue tracking has been simplified with the possibility of Gantt Charts, Kanban or classic task overview.

Behind the whole project is Spider Soft team. The project itself started in March 2010. The objective of this project was creating simple and practical software for managing projects according to actual Project Management Standards and PMI organizations. We wanted to create enterprise level software at a decent price that is affordable for all users. Detailed analysis of recognized services and software for project management proceeded to the development of this software.

Kendo Manager is efficient in managing projects

Kendo Manager is a complete and simple software solution for managing projects. The power and the efficiency of Kendo Manager is comprehended with its Module tool-set that contains the next segments:

  • Effective planning base
  • Managing of the project life cycle
  • Communication with all team members and team stakeholders
  • Fast realization of projects independent of size and complexity.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of cost centers
  • Reporting toolset for various stages of the project
New kendo


  • Monitoring and recording of projects of any complexity and type
  • Tracking of project tasks
  • Tracking of project related processes
  • Creation of different reports on projects
  • More efficient management of human resources in the project
  • More effective human resources management
  • Better organization of material resources on the project
  • Effective costs control on project
  • Successful Time Management on project
  • More efficient Personnel Management on project
  • Successful Project Management


  • Centralized information system for managing projects
  • Simple to use for administration and use
  • Unlimited number of projects and users
  • Codebooks system
  • Users rights and roles (project manager, team member, client, permission for an overview)
  • Calendars, reporting system on project tasks
  • One click to project.
  • Automatically generating project form and print
  • All the data are available at any moment and any place
  • The application is available and on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, iPhone)
  • A number of reports for analysis and monitoring of project time and project funds