Project management video tutorial with Kendo Manager

Three levels of project management in Kendo Manager Software

Project management video tutorial will show how managing multiple projects with Kendo Manager project management software is simple and easy.

Kendo Manager‘s multi-project management concept is based on the use of automated Dashboards (My dashboard, Project overview and Dojo) on 3 levels (project team member, project manager, company director or top manager) which provide quick insight into project activities and processes in real time.

How to create project with Kendo Manager project management software

Project management video tutorial will show how Kendo Manager is a good software for managing projects that completely offers the solution for managing projects, project tasks, project costs, material and human resources.
Kendo Manager is simple and good MS project prices alternative as an enterprise level software solution.

Project management video tutorial for cost management in Kendo Manager

Kendo manager cost management provides project cost management capability, drafting various project cost reports, and tracking them in real time.

Project management video tutorial on how to use Kendo Manager Gantt chart

Kendo Manager is online free Gantt chart software for project management. With Kendo Manager Gantt chart software you can easily create Gantt chart examples and share them with team members for better project planning.