Project management video tutorial with Kendo Manager

Kendo Overview

A brief overview of some of the features in and how they can help you and your team.

How to create user

How to create a user and a guest account in the Kendo Manager On-Premise Project Management Software.

My First Project

A step-by-step walk-through showing how to create your first project in Kendo Manager, along with helpful tips.

Creating Tasks

See how to plan your project in the List View, and create tasks, including how to make the most of the task details.

Kanban Boards

Organize your work using the Kanban Board style features in

Gantt Charts

A quick introduction to the interactive JavaScript/HTML5  Gantt Chart functionality of Kendo Manager Project Management Software.

Cost Management

Learn how to manage budgets, costs and resources in

Resource Management

With Kendo Manager Virtual resources options, You can define a list of resources in application and add on project and task.

Time Tracking

Learn how to use the time tracking functionality within

Step-by-step guides to help you and your team get started on