Kendo Hosting Service

Save time, money and effort and, like many other customers, rely on our Kendo Manger hosting solutions.

Kendo dashboard

Dojo – A Multiple Projects Dashboard

Easily manage multiple projects at the same time


My Dashboard

Have full and quick overview of all the activities assigned to you


Project Dashboard

Get quick insight into all the key information on your project

In our cloud or on your server


We offer you professional Kendo hosting in different variants.

Kendo business hosting

Use a Kendo Manager system without the worries. We take care of the setup and administration for you!

Kendo hosting on VPS

Host Kendo and much more on our virtual servers specially designed for Kendo in a German or US data center. 

Kendo on its own server

With our on-premise variant, we install Kendo in consultation with your IT in your  infrastructure and define  workflows with you.

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