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All-in-one Project Management Software

Simple project management software is powerful and less expensive MS Project Alternative

Simple project management software


Distribute tasks, specify project roles, allocate and adjust your resources efficiently


Manage all aspects of a task and simplify your day-to-day activities with our easy-to-navigate task management tools


Easily build various reports that show the status of a single project or the health of your entire portfolio

Microsoft Project Alternative for Free

If you are searching for a less expensive version of Microsoft Project Alternative, Kendo Manager is an excellent online project management software for project managers, project teams and companies. Using Kendo Manager will easy your project life cycle. If you are a big or small company, Government institution or NGO, our Simple Project Management Software will help you organize your projects, your team and give you an overview of your projects, whether in Task List view, Kanban Board or with Gantt chart.

We offer a FREE Online Project Management Software version of Kendo Manager for 1 active project and 2 active team members. However, if you have a bigger team and more projects you can easily buy our license and unlock Kendo Manager for multiple project and team members.

Your safe investment

Easy to use, flexible, complete project management solution with no additional costs for extra plugins. Kendo Manager is suitable for all types of projects, regardless of team size or project complexity. Easy to use with simple instructions and it does not require expensive education of employees.

Check our prices here or test our free project management software version first.


Plan and manage your projects securely and privately. Install Kendo Manager on your own company cloud windows server, Windows VPS or Windows 10, and gain complete control over your data. Kendo Manager selfhosted project management software is the perfect option for companies and organizations that want to be in control of their data security and privacy.

Kendo Manager is with you all the time

As a project manager, you often find your self on the move. We got you covered no matter where you find your self. Synchronize the project management, easily manage your tasks, resources, human resources and costs with Kendo Manager on the go. Just plan the project and communicate with your colleagues or your clients from any place with the use of Kendo Manager Software. We are simple project management software that every project needs.  As a great MS Project Alternative, you will find everything about your projects on your laptop or smartphone.

Simple project management software

Our Strategy and Development Philosophy

Pros of Kendo Manager:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible overview of multiple projects
  • Low prices for great MS Project Alternative
  • Gantt charts overview
  • Kanban Board
  • EU projects compatibility (sourced from EU Funds)
  • IPA projects compatibility (sourced from EU Funds)
  • Desktop and Smartphone usability
Kanban board

When we started with Kendo Manager software we had in mind a simple project management software that can be afforded by all teams, whether there is one or more team members. We had in mind an best enterprise project management software solution, like alternative Microsoft Project Server, but cheaper and easier to use. As we offer a free project management software version for small projects (1 active project and 2 active team members) we want to enable everyone to make their ideas come true. As Microsoft Project Alternative we wanted to develop a simple yet powerful project management tool that gives the flexibility to project managers.

Kendo Manager is full project management software solution for each team

Traditional project management software and Agile project management is something that Kendo Manager combines in his tool set. From a variety of projects implemented with Kendo Manager we will list just a few:

  • Software projects implementation
  • Economy projects monitoring
  • Marketing projects planning
  • Public projects implementation
  • EU project preparation for EU funds
  • IPA project preparation for EU funds

Kendo Manager is a flexible project management software solution for managing your projects. Less expensive Microsoft Project Alternative, Task Management, Resource Management, Kanban and Gantt Chart software, is all that you need for successful managing of your projects and professional managing of resources. Our Project software will help you also with human resources, giving a bigger impact to monetizing your projects in most effective way.

Free Trial

simple project management software

Try Kendo Manager online version of software. Start your own company project server.


  • $1199Project Server
  • On your Server/Cloud
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited clients
  • 1 Year FREE Update and Technical support
  • $599Project Server
  • On your Server/Cloud
  • Unlimited projects
  • 5 users
  • Unlimited clients
  • 1 Year FREE Update and Technical support