Powerfull Dashboards

Monitor all active projects and all active project processes from a single dashboard.

All overviews that are important are easily viewable, including project activities, problems and changes in the project, risks, key events, total costs and total time spent for the realization of company’s projects.

Kendo dashboard

Task Management Any Way You Like

Our cloud-based tool gives you the task management you want and delivers it in real-time to give you the most accurate view of your project’s progress possible, whether in Task view, Kanban or with Gantt chart.

Task List

Organize your tasks easily with simple task list and in any moment see the most accurate view of your project’s progress possible in real-time.

  • Monitor and record progress
  • Assign team members
  • Alocate resources
  • Upload documents on task
  • Leave comments


Use one of the most effective ways to
visualize your workflow and enable your team to gain control over what is to be done and what is currently being worked on.

  • Planning flexibility
  • Shortened time cycles
  • Fewer bottlenecks
  • Visual metrics

Gantt Chart

Simplify your tasks and details with a visual project timeline, task names, start dates, duration, project progress and end dates into horizontal bar charts.

  • Visualize your project goals
  • Share Gantt charts with team members
  • Keep track of project schedules
  • View tasks relation
  • Track project progress

Traditional or Agile

Kendo Manager gives your small or medium-sized business an Agile Project Management platform that offers significant flexibility.

This enables  you and your team to cover a variety of projects in various fields, from administration teams to NGO projects, marketing projects, software development projects and many more.


Share documents, status, files, timelines, assign tasks, send messages, leave comments and other with ease.

With our project management software tool where project communication is located in one place and where every team member can access them at any time you can easily and quickly collaborate with a large number of people and maximize the effectiveness of communication within the team.

Manage and Control Costs with Ease

Resource Management

Kendo allows you to specify project roles, assign role-level permissions, and adjust resource levels in real time.

Whether is a person, material, facility, or more, with Kendo it’s easy to utilize resources effectively through strategic planning.


Time Management

Kendo manager is a project management system with a time tracking tool will improve the way projects work.

Kendo lets you showcase all the work you and your team are doing and enables you to allocate and manage resources efficiently, and most importantly, gives you a realistic idea of when projects will be completed.

Budget Management

Plan,manage and control costs and ensure that the project is completed within the specified budget easily with Kendo Manager.

Also, Kendo makes it easy for users to track budget changes and/or adjustments, and whether or not they are reaching critical levels and allows project stake holders and project managers to see how are the costs distributed.

Take no Risk

Issue Tracking

The Kendo Manager serves to manage an issue on the project, to assign to members of the project team to solve and create a connection with a certain task at the project.

Also, with Kendo manager Report tool, you can easily create issue report on the project.


Tracking and Monitoring

In one-click, Kendo simply gives you  insight into all the relevant information in one place.

With our dashboard of the project you have control over all key information on project and you can monitor the most important aspects of your projects in real-time.



Risk Management

There is no project without risks.

With Kendo you can identify and manage risks in the project plan, calculate all risks in advances, and minimize any potential problems that may impact a project’s timeline


Other Features


Plan and manage projects securely in the cloud. Use our cloud service or install Kendo Manager on your companies cloud server.

While Kendo Manager functions as a web-based software, it also gives you the option to install it on your own infrastructure as a project server and can service an unlimited number of users.



Kendo manager holds integrated flexible information system for communication of project team members.

System message – the user receives the messages and notifications in inbox within the system

E-mail notifications – the user receives the messages and notifications  by e-mail



Our software for managing projects offers you an opportunity to customize default values of project settings and to exclude the options you do not need for use.

This option of the software enables you to exclude from the main menu the options you do not use in project or include some of many other options.


Currently, Kendo Manager supports English, German, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian language.

No matter if user uses Gantt chart or tasks lists, every project manager can find this option helpful for international project with clients that not always understand foreign language.


Roles and Permissions

Kendo manager provide us the possibility to define specific project options, to create the users and to assign the permissions to the user.

Also, you can define the roles of the user in project(system) or create new administration permissions.


GDPR Ready

We are fully committed to European regulation known as general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Kendo Manager takes data privacy very seriously and promise to safeguard your data.