Basic menu of the project is intended to define the basic information about the project.

Project menu contents following project options:

  • Basic data-basic information on project are defined (number of the project, project value…)
  • Project team-option Project team members enables us to assign to project the persons who work on project, to define Project manager…
  • Project tasks calendar-represents timely and visual presentation of the tasks in the form of calendar
  • Project applied– define the client, institution, organisation or company that own the project
  • Project target users– define the beneficiaries of the project means
  • Budget– enable creation of budget in different currencies and forming of calculated value of the project in the project currency
  • Demographic data– enable us to register the gender equality of the project
  • Documents– Project documentation can be stored on server
  • Logical framework-registering and creating of logical framework and its history
  • First order tasks– give the possibility to reorder and change the order of the tasks

Kendo project basic data