Project management softwares enable the continual providing of the information about resource schedule, assigning of the tasks, documentation as well as the managing with finance, time and with the quality of project.

Project Management

Project Management represents planning, organizing, motivation,control of human and material resources, procedures and protocols that serve to achieve the given goals.

Resource management and task management on project

Kendo Manager  is web application for managing projects. Kendo manager offers you clear overview and control over your projects. Our product helps you realize online managing projects, to track the time spent, to plan the projects, to manage resources and to deliver project tasks and activities in the most effective way.

Online software for planning of project

As complete online software solution for project planning, Kendo manager offers the possibility to project manager to plan each aspect of the project i.e. to define the time frame of the project, to deploy the project resources with optimum and to plan the costs efficiently . Everything required to finish the project  successfully offers you our Kendo Project manager .

Plan and order of tasks on project

The base of each project are tasks.

Tasks are designed, arranged and conducted in order to achieve projected results i.e. set project goals. The task can be planned, defined its duration, the costs can be anticipated, the task can be tracked and controled. Each task has to lead to accomplishment of expected results and arranged project goals.

Human resources and project team management

Project team represents the group of people that operate mutually and  connected towards achieving of common  goal.

Project team represents modern and flexible method of organizing based on mutual team work of group of specialists, whose task is realization of specific operation or venture. Human resources management at projects comprises the necessary processes for the most efficient use of people involved in project.

Resource management is the key element of project management plan which is important for conducting and monitoring of project. Our software gives the opportunity to manage your human and material resources at project and to help in process of allocation resources throughout project realization.

Time management software

Software for Time management at project is the basic „tool“ in reaching the productiveness and effectiveness at project. Time is a very important resource at the project. Efficient Time management  requires flexible and ease software for time management.

Kendo manager is simple to use and flexible software for managing with time at the project.