Multiple language project management now is a must. Kendo Manager has multiple language setup. With limited languages currently presented, we strive to bring more localization of application.

Multiple languages support in Kendo Manager

Change of the language in Kendo Manager is simple procedure. Following procedure for change, in top right menu of user profile, there is a section for language change. Currently, Kendo Manager supports English and Serbian language (Latin alphabet version). No matter if user uses Gantt chart or tasks lists, every project manager can find this option helpful for international project with clients that not always understand foreign language. With low costs of full version of Kendo Manager, international projects can highly benefit with usage of Kendo Manager world wide.

multiple languages kendo manager

Who is allowed to change language in Kendo Manager

Users (project owners, project managers, team members, stake holders) are allowed to choose the various language environments in projects. Every member of project can adjust the dashboards to its needs.

If you add the new item in Code tables –save it – choose English – enter the title in English and save.

multiple language kendo manager software option