Mobile Project Management

Mobile Project Management is preferred by project managers that are constantly traveling to different locations during the life cycle of the project. This can be very stressful and time consuming, so mobile project management is something that was a top priority when Kendo Manager was developed. Managing projects on the move  i.e. from different geographic locations, can be difficulty for even very experienced project managers. We tried to create simple and yet very flexible application which can overcome hard communication between project managers and stakeholders or team members.

Kendo Manager software for the Project Management is optimized for the access to different mobile devices and tablets. With internet connection,  every project manager is able to create,  overview and manage all project tasks and activities via smartphones or tablets. Kendo Manager is project management software that offers a necessary access to important information of  project life cycle at any time and any place.

Mobile Project Management - Kendo Manager

Kendo Manager modules accessible via smartphone and tablet

Kendo Manager has many modules and they are all accessible via smartphone or tablet. So as a user of Kendo Manager over your laptop, when necessary your smartphone or your tablet will be enough to continue your work on multiple projects.

If you are working on your project with gantt chart, Kendo Manager will offer you overview of gantt charts on devices with smaller screens as well. Task list is traditional project management methodology that is also available for mobile project management. The good thing with Kendo Manager is that it is very simple to switch between two modes and overviews at any moment of project lifetime.

Free version of mobile project management with Kendo Manager

Mobile project manager is offered for free with Kendo Manager. With 1 active project and 2 active team members, Kendo Manager is available for everybody no matter if your project is business related or you are working on your private project. For further prices on large scale project visit our price page.