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How to Find Best Project Management Software?

What is Best Project Management Software? Best Project management software enables project managers and project teams to manage projects more efficiently and easily achieve goals. Project management software does this with a range of tools…
Cloud Computing

Cloud-based Project Management

Cloud-Based Project Management Cloud-based project management is a modern trend that has been going on for some time. Many companies have so far used the cloud as a great place to store data, but thanks to the development of technology and…
Free stratup task management

Virtual Resources Manual

Virtual resources module We add new  Virtual resources options.  You can define a list of resources in application and add on project and task. Also you have new activity reports and resources report. New virtual resource module New…
kendo manager 3

What’s new in Kendo Manager 3.0?

Today, we launch  new Kendo Manager 3.0 Project Server. Kendo Manager 3 is  the Enterprise software for planning projects, and with today’s new version, we’re adding powerful new features—transforming our Enterprise software into…
Free stratup task management

Free Task Management Software for Startups

Kendo Manager is a free project and task management software that provides Startups with the necessary assistance in communication and realization of everyday tasks. With Kendo Manager, your project manager can easily create a list of project activities, delegate tasks to team members and monitor their implementation at any time.