Kendo dashboard

What’s new in Kendo Manager 3.6?

Today, we launch new Kendo Manager 3.6 Project Management software. Kendo Manager is powerful Self-hosted project management software. Today, he is even more powerful with new added features. What’s New? The new Kendo Manager 3.6 takes…

New Kendo Manager 3.5 available for download

We released a new version . In the new version we add Spanish language, and we add a Guest account option as a new type of user. When you create a Guest user, he automatically gets an external team member role and guest only sees projects…
Project management Schedule

Benefits of Project Management Schedule

What are the benefits of project management schedule? Project Management schedule is the process of performing the activities, recognizing both time and resource constraints. This ensures what has happened and taking action to ensure that the…

Kanban in Project Management

Kanban definition Kanban is Japanese word and, although is literally translated as billboard or signboard, it means “visual sign” or “card”.  Kanban is a workflow management method designed in order to easily visualize your work, maximize…
Modern Project Management

How to Choose Best Software for Task Management

How best software for task management helps businesses The best Project Management Software helps you run your project smoothly in all aspects that include task management, scheduling, planning, cost control, resource management.  The best…
Gantt chart

Gantt Chart Sensei

Kendo is complete project management and Gantt chart software which you can use on your computer, your network or online in the cloud.